Take your audio library to the next level with Beatsbrew

Create unique audio samples, beats, loops with the help of AI for your next project. Find your next inspiration just by describing.

Gif of sample generation

How does Beatsbrew work?

Beatsbrew lets you create unique sound samples by entering a text prompt. You will have to create a free account by signing up. When you first signup, you will recieve 50 credits and than 25 credits every month to create samples.

Create samples of instruments

prompt: Piano melody

prompt: Trumpet sound sample

Create sound assets

prompt: Clapping

prompt: Lady singing in opera

Create Beats or loops

prompt: Drum loop with snare

prompt: Techno beat


How can beatsbrew be useful to me?

Beatsbrew is a valuable resource for anyone who produces music or creates soundscapes. With the ability to generate sound samples, ranging from drums and percussion to synthesizers and sound effects, with just a text prompt. Beatsbrew makes it easy to find new and exciting sounds to incorporate into your projects. Whether you're a seasoned producer or a beginner, by using Beatsbrew, you can save time and effort and take your music production or creative projects to the next level.

Are the audio samples generated royalty free?

AI sound generation is a new and rapidly evolving field, and the question of whether AI-generated sound samples are royalty-free is still largely undefined. The licensing status of these samples may depend on the specific AI models that were used to generate them, as well as other factors such as the source material or the intended use of the samples. That being said, many AI-generated sound samples are currently being used in creative projects and productions without issue

Is Beatsbrew free to use?

Yes, Beatsbrew is free to use. When you first signup you will recieve 50 credits and after that 25 credits every month to create samples. However, if you want to create more than 25 samples you will have to subscribe to one of our paid plans.

How accurate are the examples?

Some of the examples are result of first attempt, some 3 to 4 attempts, there were also prompts which resulted in weird sounds. So to note, some prompts may produce consistent, good-quality results, while others may not produce any good results even after multiple tries. It's also important to note that these samples are meant to be a starting point in your project. You may need to make adjustments to the generated audio using post-processing techniques to achieve the desired sound you are looking for.

Why are you charging a subscription?

Text-to-sound generation AI models require a significant amount of compute power to produce high-quality results. Thus we believe that our subscription model allows us to be fair and sustainable while providing our users with the best possible service. You can cancel your subscription anytime by contacting us with subject "Cancel Subscription", If you want more credits or like a credits pack option you can contact us, with the subject "Credits Pack"

What new features can we expect in the future?

We will try our best to release new and exciting features. You can also help us with that, by providing feedback or feature requests to us. The next feature you will see is the ability to save sound samples in a library on the application. Thus enabling you to access the saved samples anytime and on any device.